Fynske Medier introduces segmented subscription

Earlier this month, in a most stealth fashion, Fynske Medier launched a subscription program on its website mitFyn.dk.

MitFyn.dk has existed for years, containing content from Fynske Medier’s two regional newspapers Fyens Stiftstidende and Fyns Amts Avis, but that content has only been available to subscribers of one of the printed newspapers. Now, however, one can buy digital subscription without buying the print version of the news.

What’s interesting about the new subscription program is that it doesn’t apply a “one size fits all” approach but allows audiences to tailor their own subscription. You can compose your individual subscription, which consists of 1 to 4 sections of your own choosing; the more you want in your subscription, the more you pay. The sections are either geographically or thematically segmented, and you can also buy a complete subscription, of course. Editor-in-chief Per Westergaard once explained this approach to me as “the pizza model”: you only pay for the slice(s) you want. I’m not familiar with other media organizations who use this unbundled subscription model.

I’ll follow this one closely.

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