Paying with data at metroxpress

Here’s a new take on digital subscription.

Danish free daily metroxpress (owned by Swiss media group Tamedia) recently launched a ”Sharewall” on their news website. The idea is that you don’t have to pay for getting access to the news – instead, you have to log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. This way, metroXpress will get access to some of your personal data as well as insights into your interests, social connections, locations, preferences, etc. So, you don’t pay with money but with your social data.

The Sharewall was launched in the week of August 18, 2014, and I don’t yet know how successful it is. But I think it’s an interesting approach to getting something (if not money then something that can be monetized) from the audiences in return for their access to news. This way, metroxpress is in more in line with the “new digital economy” than with the “old” news industry it comes from.



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